My first trip in my Retro Thunderbird
Steve Kelley

Good News- I’m on the way to West Virginia for a family reunion.
Bad News – TBird breaks down in the mountains at 10am.
Good News – I have AAA.
Bad News - I have No cell service in the mountains.
Good News - I hike to the top of Sideling Pass and get through. Tow truck is dispatched.
Bad news – He can’t find me. He is looking on other side of mountain.
Good News - After 2 hrs. in the 97 deg. heat he arrives.
Bad News – I am seriously having heat stroke!
Good News- The Tow Truck driver helps me into his cab with A/C and gives me water.
Bad News- The Tow Truck breaks down west of Cumberland.
Good News - 2nd Tow truck arrives.
Bad News - They almost drop my Tbird in the transfer. But, I get to the garage at 1:30pm.
Good news - They found the problem, it’s a cracked Thermostat Housing.
Bad News – They can’t get the part today.
Good news - Found a cheap clean motel across the street.
Bad news – I won‘t have an extra day to visit my buddy Tim on the way down.
Good News - They get the parts the next morning.
Bad News –Upon re-assembly they find that the back part of the housing has No thermostat.
Good News – They get the new Thermostat.
Bad News – They find one of the teeth that secures the thermostat is missing. And, it’s too late to get a new Back Housing.
Good News – My sister is going to reunion and will pick me up and drop me back on Sunday. Garage will re-assemble and I will drive it home Sunday and have the job completed there.
Bad News – Receive call 4 hours later that it is re-assembled and not overheating BUT, now I have an intake manifold leak. They can’t get gasket till Monday.
And how was your weekend?